Welcome to whizz3dparts

Here is a collection of 3D printed designs for hobbyists in electronics and amateur radio who want to add finishing touches to projects. 

Building a project or equipment for your own use yourself gives an immense amount of satisfaction. Once you have put the project into a cabinet or enclosure what next?

Putting a surround or bezel around an LCD display is a great finishing touch.  

Adding nice functional knob for a rotary encoder, potentiometer or tuning mechanism adds the look and function to your equipment.

Please note that the orders are only accepted from the UK at the moment.

Encoder / Tuning Knobs

This tuning knob has a knurled effect and is printed so that the top surface has a nice reflective effect.

It fits on a 6mm shaft (for a rotary encoder) and secures with a hex grub screw  into an embedded square M3 nut.

Tuning Knob


A bezel surrounding an LCD display makes the equipment look just right.

If you have ever cut a slot in an enclosure for a project you realise how easy it is to slip with the file and take off just a bit too much - OOPS!  If you fit a bezel around the slot it makes it much less critical to file to size.

16x2 (1502) Bezel shown.

A bezel makes a better build.

Why not make your build look better with a Bezel and an Encoder/Tuning knob?