What's in development?

Panel Bezel

July 2022: The Panel Bezel has been made available for the 1602-02 type display. See the Bezels page and webshop to order!

Update: In the last stages of the design iteration having printed off a nice prototype in some random leftover PLA colour.

This week intend to post some images of the design a mock-up with a display and the instructions for use.

End of Update.

This is a bezel based on some classic radio designs of yesteryear.

Currently experimenting with the 1602 dimensions, which I guess will be the first one to be offered.

Have got to to fine tune the design and print parameters.

The large hole fits the Tuning/Encoder Knob diameter.

Not sure what the price will be at the moment as have to work all that out.

Hopefully the weight of the part will work out so that it is in a lower postage bracket.

Expressions of interest - Let me know via the contact email on the FAQ page.

What next? Open to ideas and suggestions!

Parts to sell to the community

Suggestions for free downloadable designs