What it looks like - Equipment Knobs

The equipment knob is modelled on the appearance of the Encoder / Tuning knob and has the same M3 square nut and grub screw fixing.

They are supplied with the fixings, and there is a choice between the shaft hole being finished to 6mm or left at its 'off the printer' value for you to finish if you want to go to 1/4 of an inch.

There is an ample recess in the bottom what covers the 10mm or 14mm nut used to secure the controls the front panel.  I haven't got anything in inches to check clearances with.

Colour: Black PLA.


Height: 22mm, Diameter 20mm, Recess Depth 6mm, Recess Diameter 16mm. Total shaft length possible 21mm, Shaft from bottom of recess 15mm.