Dimensions Of Bezels

Rather than jump in and say "want that one", take a moment to look at your project

Take into consideration where you are going to mount your LCD Display and the clearances you will have around it, including the front to rear dimensions. Don't forget you are going to have make connections to the LCD display and the arrangements for this need space.

A few moments planning with a piece of card cut to your sizes to test fit to the panel where you are mounting the display can save you anguish later.

It is worth noting that the bezels do not have chamfered viewing windows or outside edges.  When tried and tested the chamfer turned out to look like a series of tiny steps.  As soon as I get a nice chamfer they will be made available, but who knows when that might be!

Types of display and dimensions

There appear to be a few types of display on the market with different dimensions for the display and the mounting holes.  The easiest way to find the dimensions is look for the Manufacturers Data Sheet on the 'web' then compare this with your display.

If the bezels on offer don't match up send a link to the data sheet (see the FAQ page for a messaging form) and I'll try to come up with something for you given a little time.

For the moment, a 1602 and a 2002 design are available for the LCD viewing 'slot' and 'fixing hole' dimensions that I have used in my projects.  These dimensions and a diagram are viewable or you can download it.