About Bezels

The bezels are supplied untrimmed. This means that they still have the skirt on the 3d Print.  This serves to protect the bezel in the post. For help on removing the skirt see the FAQ.  

New July 2022

1602-02 Panel Bezel

To compliment the Tuning/Encoder Knob there is the Panel Bezel for 1602 type 2 displays.

This is designed to give a classic look to your home construction project.

To help with fitting and alignment the Bezel has some nifty design features.

Dimensions: 110 mm Vertical at longest point, 100mm Horizontal at longest width.

Instructions are on on the FAQ page.

The pattern in the image is due to lighting.

1602-02 Display Bezel

This is a 1602 Bezel: Image A: shows a the reverse side of the Bezel that has just come off the printer. It has a generous brim that needs trimming.  You can also see the positions of the 'blind' fixing holes.  Image B:  Shows the front of the 1602 Bezel with the nice surface finish.  Image C: Shows the bezel on an LCD display.  I think you can see the reflection of me holding the camera in the surface finish.

Here is an image of the Bezel 'test mounted' to the 1602 display. Here we have used 16mm M3 BZP Dome shaped screws through 9mm spacers into a black nylon nut.  Just to give you an idea.  For fixing guidance see the FAQ page.  Please note that the display and the fixings are not offered for sale, they are shown for information. For a practical installation I would probably use 20mm screws.

200201 Display Bezel

Here is the 200201 Bezel.

D: Untrimmed, E: Trimmed and 

F: shows the bezel fitted to a 2002A display.

This seems to be the most common 2002 display in use.



Bezel Sizing and Styles

The key dimensions depend on your display and the case you are going to fit the display in.

Take into account any overlap or clearance that you need to leave for the LCD display board so that there is room to fit it into the enclosure. 

The easiest way to get the sizes accurately for the board is to go to the manufacturer website and get the engineering diagram for the and check the dimensions against those on the ordering page.  Alternatively measure the board and find a manufacturer that has the same sizes to get the nominal manufacturer dimensions.

Ideally you don't want the mounting holes to be too near to the edge of the bezel. So a piece of card around 5mm greater around the edges and use this to plan where the display is going to be positioned, bearing in mind that you have to have clearance on the inside of the enclosure so that its lid fits back on. This depends on your enclosure and the way that the lid fits. (Slide on, clamshell or some other method).

Don't forget to allow space on your enclosure for all the other controls, such as push-buttons and the power switch.


There are unlimited possibilities.

Here is a 16x2 Bezel with a rounded design.

Just a design image really.

If there is enough interest I'll make this one available.

What you can actually do only depends on the size of your display and the amount of space you have on on the enclosure.  

Not tried one in bright red lightning flash yet...