Terms and Conditions

If you are not happy with this please do not order any parts.

This is a service to the home construction community and I’m not out to "get rich quick", but to cover my costs and have bit spare to spend on spares and printer maintenance. 

It is also nice to reach out to others and make new friends and share ideas.

But back to the serious bits to keep the lawyers happy.

If you are not happy with this next bit,  please do not order any parts.

Ordering a part means you have accepted these Terms and Conditions and have read  and understood the Safety Information unconditionally.

Please note that no refunds or returns will be accepted. 

The objects are produced using a FFF process (Fused Filament Manufacturing). In other words, the items are 3D Printed. 

The filament used is Multicomp Pro 1.75mm PLA filament obtained from CPC in the UK.  Multicomp is one of the trademark brands for Premier Farnell.  

The data sheets for the filament are available on https://www.farnell.com/datasheets/2829056.pdf

For anyone who is not familiar with 3D printed items – they are serviceable but they are not perfectly formed like vacuum moulded items.  You can see how the filament has been fused together under heat (185 to 205C) and sometimes there are print artefacts visible, depending on what movement the printer decided to do at the time.  I do try to minimise these with regular maintenance checks and careful design and "slicing"  of the parts.

As well as enhancing the look and feel, I find this adds to the ‘homemade artisan look’ of completed projects. Most things I have built that use a rotary encoder now have one of the printed tuning knobs.  If it has an LCD display, then there is a bezel on it, you can bet.


There is no warranty on these parts.

Modifications to commercial equipment.

No responsibility can be accepted if you modify commercial equipment and void the warranty for that equipment.

Materials Statement.

The items printed are serviceable but are not intended to be used in challenging environments, safety critical or life-dependent equipment.

The materials are not allergy tested but I have not come across anyone who has had a reaction to PLA or the pigments contained in the filament. If you are concerned about this, please have a look around the internet before ordering.

The items are not fire resistant and will burn, just like most things will if you are determined to set fire to them.  I have had 3D printed items made from PLA filament on my desk, in everyday use in projects, rejected parts in the scrap bin and offcuts on the workshop floor and none of them have combusted yet, and I don’t expect them to.

Therefore, use the parts at your own risk and don’t hold me responsible for any damage or injury whatever the cause or that might occur while you are fitting and using the parts.  So if you snap the spindle off your equipment fitting a knob, or gouge a scratch in your LCD display, or put a screw through the PCB, that is your responsibility.  

If you are not happy with this please do not order any parts.