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Some of them are connected with Amateur Radio. This is a gateway hobby to just about anything to do with home construction.

Even if you aren't interested in the Radio side there are techniques and ideas that are worth adapting.

For those into electronic construction, and you are looking for ways of making permanent circuits without making a PCB or using stripboard then try the Ham Radio Way. Island or Manhattan construction.

MisDotGeek has also come up with a concept board design that looks very interesting. (See link pages)

22/10/2022: Sad news that Richard Brunton, G4TUT from Rayleigh, Essex, England, passed away. He was 77.

Richard was the editor of the popular Southgate Amateur Radio News website which is now offline.

The site had a daily digest of amateur radio news items with some space news thrown in the mix as well. It must have taken a huge amount of time to trawl various websites and collate all of that information on a daily basis.

I often noticed that the Southgate ARC news items was then in turn the source of news for many other amateur radio sites.

Above news from EI7GL