Front Panel Upgrade - 10

Published on 18 May 2023 at 21:59

The front panel upgrade continues.

This time it is a bypass switch on the Sotabeams digital filter.  Instead of being in circuit all the time the bypass just switches the audio signal path through to the audio amp.

Instead of Up-Down this switch works Right-Left. This solves the problem of having an over technical solution for giving a visual cue on whether the filter is in our out.

When the switch is over to the right, towards the LED  that indicate the Filter mode, the filter is in the audio path. When the switch is to the left the filter is bypassed.   It works quite well.  See the image with the Pink circle.

Next think to think about is to finally get round to putting some labels on the various controls and to put some illumination on the signal-strength meter.

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