PRP Battery Case: Remixed

Published on 12 March 2022 at 15:11

As there was some interest in the Philips/ Simoco PRP Handheld radio battery case, I promised a fellow ham a print in return for a favour.  The print wasn't up to the standard that I work to these days.... It wasn't parametric so that a change to a key dimension meant a lot of changes around the design.  A bit of a pain.

Here is the work in progress.

I'm thinking of offering this as a whizz3dprint.  Add a comment to this blog if you are interested, what you would be willing to pay for one of these, and would you accept all the electrical risks on your own responsibility.

To complete the project, apart from some suitable wire you would need to source some parts yourself.  (Links to sources would be provided)

A 2S LiOn charge/balancing board, 2 x 18650 Lion Batteries, DC Socket, solder tags, a couple of resistors and terminal fixings of your choice. 

Not suitable for beginners but if you have intermediate construction skills then you should be able to manage this.

Just confirming some measurements then I'll Slice and try a print.

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