Front Panel Upgrade - 8

Published on 4 April 2023 at 20:16

So here a summary of the lessons learned so far in the front panel upgrade.

Lessons learned.

  • Don't lose you notebook with your wiring diagrams and front panel designs.  You will need them again sooner or later.
  • Never use a step drill to get a hole to final size - drill undersize and do final sizing with a manual reaming tool.  This give more control over the final size and ensures a better fit.
  • When printing a panel to use existing holes print one print a test fit one that is just  few layers thick to avoid wasting time and PLA material as the holes may not be where intended.
  • When designing a panel bear in mind if the design needs to be mirrored to get it to be the right way round when printing it.
  • Use some panel designing software?


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