Front Panel Upgrade - 7

Published on 2 April 2023 at 17:36

Now we move on to the final part of the upgrade. 

All the shafts on the encoders and potentiometers for Audio and RF gain were 6mm so the Tuning/Encoder knob was finshed to 6mm spindle hole as were the equipment knobs.  After fitting the retaining nut and the grub screw the knobs were fitted to the main panel.

You can also see here the black hex headed screws fitted to replace the silver BZP screws.  The silver hex headed screws near to the tuning dial are temporary until the 16mm hex headed screws arrive. As usual I thought 12mm would be adequate, but it turns out that 16mm were needed.  As these screws go into a PCB, M3 nylon nuts were used so that fibre washers were not needed as these go missing dismantling.

As usual at the weekend there was a contest on 40m so here is the radio tuned to 20m.


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