Front Panel Upgrade 4

Published on 26 March 2023 at 14:16

And so on to the fitting out of the panel.

For the initial fitting out BZP M3 screws were used.  Some black low profile Hex headed screws were sourced from an eBay seller in a pack of 20.  Good news is all the holes where in the right places and using the reaming tool to get to final size ensured a good fit with optimal clearance for the fittings.  The USB/LSB switch was also on order as it required a 3-pole single throw version - two poles of which were to tell the LCD display to display USB/LSB.  I remembered that this had took quite a bit of working out when I built the kit ages ago - using a multipole rotary switch.  As usual I couldn't find my notebook with the wiring diagram, so had to work it out again. The other toggle switch is a centre-off 3 way switch for the AGC - short - off - long.  As you can see the s-meter is not divided up into S-Units - something to do later if it turns out to be needed.

3D printed box spanners for the fixing nuts on the rotary controls really came in handy here.

Here are some views of the front and the back.

To secure the speaker - and old trick was used to prevent rattling at high volumes.  Instead of a metal nut and waster a piece of insulation from some cable was used to form a makeshift fixing by making an undersized hole through it and using that to form the nut.

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