Front Panel Upgrade 5

Published on 29 March 2023 at 21:43

Thanks for following the blog so far.  As usual when taking on a project like this the ideas start flowing on how to do it better and even how to approach the project in a better and more efficient way.  I'm collecting these together and will shar them in the "wash-up" final posting of this Upgrade Blog series.

So, back to the upgrade.  

Having got everything in place on the front panel and worked out the USB/LSB switch wiring it is time to connect all the front panel connections back on to the boards in the radio.  Here is a picture before this job.

Anyone suggest a nice way of tidying up the wiring?

Thought about spiral wrap or lacing.


Here is the radio body.

"Hurry up with my front panel. I've been waiting too long".

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